3 Ways To Tell When The Tyre Is Damaged

If you've recently bought a new car or a used car, then you'll need to start learning a thing or two about maintenance because car breakdowns and tyre damage can happen in the most unexpected circumstances. Perhaps you haven't seen a nail on the road and your tyre blows out, or maybe you've driven too long on rough roads. Either way, you need to tell when you tyre is damaged and you need car service. Here's what to look for:

Pay Attention To Tread Depth

Tread depth is an important consideration and is one of the best ways to identify tyre damage. The depth can tell you whether you tyre can be used for a little longer or whether it needs complete replacement. The minimum tread depth allowed in Australia is 1.5 mm, and anything below this means that the tyre needs replacement. Most modern cars have tread wear indicators within the grooves and will indicate when the tread has reached its minimum limit. When the tread is completely worn out, the indicator bars will be at level with the tread surface, so it is relatively clear when tyres need to be replaced.

Know How Many Times You Need To Add Pressure To The Tyres

Every manufacturer has a specific recommendation when it comes to tyre pressure. This recommendation is made based on the model, weight, capacity and depth of the car. If you find that you need to fill air in your tyres more often, then it could indicate a leak or some problem with your tyres. Maintaining the right pressure is essential for safe driving, so don't ignore this problem. Tyre pressure should ideally be checked every two weeks and before any long journeys to minimise the chance of tyre trouble on the day.

Look For Cracks And Buckled Rims

Cracks on the sidewalls of tyres and buckled rims are clear signs that a tyre is ageing and may need replacement soon. If you ignore these cracks, they could cause holes in the tyre, which will result in air pressure leaking out. This could prove to be dangerous for you as a driver, and you probably don't want to risk a tyre blowout when you're driving at high speeds. If you notice these signs of ageing in your tyres, consider getting them replaced as soon as possible for your own safety.

Tyre damage is not only unsafe for you as a driver but for everyone else on the road. Be a responsible car owner and get your tyres checked and your car serviced regularly for maximum safety.