How to Discern When Your Tyres Require Rotation

Car servicing may be a critical form of maintenance for your vehicle, but without functional tyres then the entire performance of your car is sacrificed. It is therefore vital for motorists to pay just as close attention to their car's tyres as they do the engine and other systems. Nevertheless, some drivers tend to assume that the only form of maintenance that their tyres require is a replacement when they become worn down. Providentially, this wear and tear can be prevented through periodic rotating of the tyres. But since a good number of drivers do not know how to spot the symptoms, they end up overlooking this service. Here is how to discern when your tyres require rotation from your mechanic.

Unusual vibrations when driving your vehicle

One of the first telltale symptoms to be wary of that is indicative of the need for tyre rotation is weird vibrations when driving. These vibrations tend to manifest when you are trying to accelerate your vehicle. They typically demonstrate that the tyres have an uneven surface, which in turn causes your driving to seem choppy even when navigating a smooth road. Hence, the higher your speed, the more accentuated the said vibrations become. Although vibrations can also be caused by a myriad of other car problems, a good place to start troubleshooting this problem would be by checking the state of your tyres and opting to have them rotated.

Pronounced wear on the sides of the tyres

Another prominent symptom of tyres that are in dire need of rotation is when they display distinct wear on a specific side. This pronounced damage tends to be on the outer side of the tyres, so you will find the exterior edges look more worn than the interior of the tyres. Failure to have the tyres rotated will lead to irreparable harm that will not be mitigated even when the positioning of the tyres is changed. Therefore, motorists are advised to check the rate at which the edges of their tyres are declining periodically and seek to have them rotated before it is too late.

Reoccurring loss of air pressure

Sufficient air pressure is essential to your tyres as this is what enhances their traction on the road. When you notice that you constantly have to pump your tyres yet they have not developed a puncture, the cause of the recurrent air loss could be uneven wear. Tyres that are worn down will end up suffering from excessive stress. Your mechanic may be able to stabilise these air pressure problems through tyre rotation.